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Low Friction:

Hyperpro Fork Oil

Hyperpro fork oil has special low friction additives to help make your fork action smoother and more consistent over a wide range of operating temperatures. If you need a top quality fork oil, give us a call to order some today!

Hyperpro High Performance Motorcycle Suspension

The Hyperpro 3D Shock

HyperproA new motorcycle is an expensive purchase. This however does not guarantee that every part on the bike is of top quality. To meet a certain price point, manufacturers often have to compromise on the quality of suspension components.

Because we believe and we know there is room for improvement, Hyperpro has developed the new 3D shock. Hyperpro is able to guarantee one hundred percent quality, because this shock is manufactured totally in-house. The many light-weight billet aluminium parts have been CNC machined in the Hyperpro factory as well. We never use (more fragile) cast parts for our products.

If you are looking at other high quality motorcycle suspension like an Ohlins shock, Penske shock, or Works, Progressive, Hagon, WP or Wilbers shock, we encourage you to check out our quality, our prices, and our SERVICE. We will consult with you to help you make sure your shock is set up properly right out of the box. And if you have any installation questions, help is just a phone call away (Phone +618 8284 8033).

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Alternatively you can generate the product code for your bike and 3D Shock and then email or print / fax the results to us - easy!

Why is Hyperpro the Best Choice for
High Performance Motorcycle Suspension?

  • The compression and rebound damping are both completely adjustable with high and low speed adjustments for compression damping .
  • We use a rising-rate full progressively wound spring for better absorption of small bumps and pavement "chop" while still offering good control on bigger bumps or for higher rates of speed.
  • We use a larger shaft diameter for more strength and more oil displacement which allows better fine tuning of damping. Larger diameter also allows for greater durability.
  • Our 16mm shaft (2 mm larger than Ohlins shock) has a CNC - carbon nitrite coating to minimize friction (just like on high end forks).
  • Hyperpro uses a new seal design which has been proven through the rigors of motorcross in Europe to provide superb durability and very low stiction. Tests between this seal and the standard competitors seal show 3x the life.
  • The length of the 3D shock can easily be adjusted by specifying the LA option on most of the shocks.
  • The shock offers the option of a remote hydraulic preload adjuster.
  • New updated design. The design of this shock is brand new but is an extension of the previous designs we sold.
  • The Hyperpro 3 D shock utilizes bladder technology in the reservoir to separate the oil from the nitrogen gas. Other manufacturers use a floating piston. A floating piston has to overcome friction before it can react. A rubber bladder does not "know" friction and reacts smoother and faster to pressure changes.
  • The retail price of the top quality Hyperpro shock for most applications is hundreds less than Ohlins shocks or many other top brands.
  • And, most importantly, when you order a Hyperpro shock from YSS Australia, you receive our expert set up advice to make sure the shock is delivered adjusted for excellent performance on your motorcycle. And if you have any questions during installation, our expert support is only a phone call or email away. See a sample or our Shock Absorber Installation Instructions.
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